Learn more about Ron White and Ron’s Handyman Services, LLC!

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When Ron was a very little boy, he used to help his father, who has a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, with projects like soldering and fixing things. Together, they did a lot at the workbench. They did home photography and Ron continued that from Elementary to High School. Mainly, Ron’s neighbors would call his father to ask him to fix many random things, and Ron was his helper! Many years later, Ron’s friends would call him to come up with creative ways to fix things and he would coach them, leading to his nickname: Coach. One of Ron’s grandfathers was a plumber/HVAC Technician business owner and Ron spent his summers helping him. Ron’s other grandfather owned a butcher shop where Ron saw the success of hard work.

Previously, Ron has taken jobs doing HVAC maintenance and estimating. One day, Ron decided to post a message on the popular Olney/Brookeville Exchange Yahoo group saying that he would do odd jobs for people. He received many takers and completed various projects. It took off from there, as he did a really good job with small projects that large companies do not do.

Noticing the high interest in Ron’s services, he decided to take his business to the next level by working as a full time handyman, founding Ron’s Handyman Services, LLC in August 2014.

When Ron is not working, he enjoys snow skiing, the outdoors, living on an organic farm, spending time with his family, and being a foodie.